“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something,
build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

Buckminster Fuller

Does your child find it hard to stay on task or have issues comprehending or solving analytical problems? Our program will cater to the needs of each student. We are here to address the educational and developmental needs of students. We are developing a global online community of both qualified and certified teachers that will change the way your child thinks and express themselves. iEdapts goal is to help teachers that are being underpaid for their profession to be compensated for their exceptional methods while expanding your child’s imagination again.  Now, children are learning at a much younger age. Introducing technology at an early age has opened a new and intriguing world to them. We will take those who are eager to learn the latest computer coding by introducing games and tools that will only enhance their skills and knowledge. To compete globally will be especially important to start your child down the path of technology.

"Technology Corner"

The “Technology Corner” will be a paradise for qualified computer instructors and educators worldwide.  Our SOS tool will be used to help teachers embark on creating new ideas and methodologies. We will help teachers avoid costly missteps and wasted time through other veteran teachers’ life experiences. An even our parents said, “Experience is the best teacher.”  The site will be a collaboration of professors, administrators, educators, and a host of others to help create solutions.  If you would like to become one of our “Early iEdaptors” and offer your approach, simply join our Technology Support program. 

Build and train facial coding emotion recognition AI models to recognize, categorize, and learn about facial expressions of emotion with an intent to measure and track Social Emotional Learning (SEL) educational outcomes in the context of culturally responsive teaching (CRT).
A unique gamification and music elements that align with culturally responsive teaching format into the platform to maintain and promote minority students' engagement in STEM.

The key to success is having great content delivered through robust, reliable infrastructure accessed via an easy to use interface. Through our forward-thinking content development, our SOS app offers production value.  We see quality coding methodologies created in refreshing new concepts that are well suited to reach non-engaging students. Our audiences and those for whom quality content has been lacking from a cultural standpoint. Combining these innovative methodologies with proven, cutting-edge new technologies, we believe iEDAPTS will bring new levels of excitement and engagement in vulnerable communities with regards to STEM.