Teachers Logic

“Teachers Logic” will be a paradise for instructors and educators worldwide. We are currently creating an Amazon Gift Card Giveaway and would be truly honored for you to become an early adopter. You do this by simply joining our Teachers Logic SOS program!


What Is Teachers Logic

We help teachers embark on creating new ideas

“Teachers Logic” will be a paradise for instructors and educators worldwide. It will be a tool used to help teachers embark on creating new ideas, techniques, and methodologies. Our goal at iEDAPTS is to help teachers with culturally responsive teaching by showing them how to communicate effectively with parents and students. Using our Saving Our Student (SOS) concept app will help them avoid those costly missteps while instructing their students to learn from their cultural perspective. By having veteran teachers and clinicians offer their life experiences, help our instructors adapt quickly to changing conditions by school administrators, as our parents said, “Experience is the best teacher.” The site will be a collaboration of professors, administrators, educators, and a host of others to help create modern educational solutions.

We are creating an Amazon Gift Card Giveaway and would love for you to become an early adopter. simply by joining our Teacher Logic program.

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Teachers Logic Goals

Does your child find it hard to stay on task or have issues comprehending or solving analytical problems?

This evolutionary psychological and common-sense approach creates an individualized student attention plan with real-time feedback and corrective actions.With approximately 49.9 percent of non-Hispanic White students who make up classrooms across the United States, one way to motivate and engage these students is through culturally responsive teaching (US Census Bureau, 2018). A classroom that was more culturally relevant to the needs of the students served engaged them, which led to a higher academic achievement rate (Gay, 2010). Some advocates of culturally responsive instruction claimed that it promoted literacy, and high achievement in students (Gay 2000; Ladson-Billings, 2001).

Everyone is a genius but if you judge a fish based on it's ability to climb a tree, It will live it's whole life believing, It's stupid.

Albert Einsten

Culturally responsive teaching (CRT) is a pedagogy that offers success to all students, not just those of color or minority status. Six culturally responsive themes that aid in student success if done with fidelity are: Instructional engagement; Culture, language, and racial identity; Multicultural awareness; High expectations; Critical thinking; and Social justice.

Our program will cater to the needs of each student. We are here to address the educational and developmental needs of any student that tends to struggle with Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math subjects (STEAM). We are developing a global online community of qualified and certified teachers that will change the way your child expresses themselves and rapidly process information. iEdapts goal is to empower teachers that are being underpaid for their profession and expertise. Teachers deserve to be compensated for their exceptional techniques and methodologies, developed through the imagination of creative ideas, tested by trial and error.

Curriculum and Materials

All curricula and instructional materials will follow the Common Core:

Examples of different learning styles are narrative, storytelling, and discussions for Linguistic/ Verbal learners; graphics and games for Spatial/Visual learners; multimedia presentations for Kinesthetic/Bodily learners; and music for Musical learners.

Why This Project is Different

The sos software is unlike all other software

Unlike other software, which typically ends with just a score, this project provides rich, actionable insights by creating new scenarios and models to learn STEAM subjects. The SOS software will also help teachers to screen and monitor students’ progress over time, identify problem topics, complement lesson plans, and create competitions between students and groups of students, thereby improving teachers’ instruction as well as student learning. This project fills an essential need in the marketplace for engaging, effective software that aligns with Common Core and provides data-driven intervention support.

Our program also fosters and cultivates the needed self-confidence and study skills of every student, guiding them to reach their desired potential success. The website offers individualized instruction to each student to help get them on or above their grade level. When further instruction is needed, every student can be tutored online, live, videoconference, individually, and forums. There is also an option to learn from a “Peer Challenger” supervised by the teacher. This a student close to their age that has master the content through advanced classes.

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