SOS – Saving Our Students

(Teacher’s Campaign)

We want to help teachers create lessons that encompass all ethnic backgrounds to help students see themselves in the material or activity they have chosen to download. When they see others like them, they can make connections to their own lives and are engaged while learning the concept.

We Created a Video Explaining the Campaign

Please watch it, so you’ll get a general feel of what we are planning.
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In addition to the $25 Amazon gift card, the winner also gets, one of these STEM branded shirts.

Classroom Trends

Researchers acknowledged that there has been a shift in the student population trends in The United States and teachers are faced with the challenge of teaching diverse classrooms (Gay, 2010). By implementing culturally responsive teaching (CRT) methods, more students can develop skills to become academically successful (Gay, 2010; Nieto, 1999). iEdapts mirrors the same pedagogy as CRT because it allows teachers to upload differentiated assignments to capture the interest in struggling students.

Our five values and what we want from this program.

We believe that students shouldn’t have to change their habits to improve their grades. We provide them with cultural content they already like.

We partner with teachers and educational influencers to turn their curriculum into engaging content.
By partnering with the music industry, gamers, teachers, and influencers, we empower them, and we help scale each other’s message. A win/win solution.

Because our content is video and music-based, it engages more neurological pathways of students. They engage deeply.

Increased retention of materials through culturally responsive lessons and stronger parent-teacher-student relationships that foster positive communication; for successful academics and life skills for the 21st century.

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