Due to the lack of vital educational resources in minority communities, iEDAPTS (Education and Promoting Teaching Strategies) has developed a social and cultural platform learning experience called SOS.

SOS (Saving Our Students) combines content, music, videos, poetry, and games to help at-risk students engage, learn, retain, and recall methodologies to increase minorities’ participation in STEM as well as help address topics such as:

Teacher Support Tools


Multiple Intelligence

Parental Guidance

Teen Nutrition /Health

Social Acceptance

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iEDAPTS has a multi-sided platform where the teachers are the biggest influencers of classroom products and services, but our primary customers will be parents who can purchase subscriptions. Using this B2C multi-side model, we feel the value of SOS is created by offering it to groups that are interdependent of each other that have a common goal, student success of engagement, and understanding the content. Our goal is to provide teachers a tool that engages students in an online environment like they are used to gathering information now through smartphones.

Our platform is for socially or economically disadvantaged students that are impacted disproportionately in STEM subjects. SOS software benefits all stakeholders. Student progress can be screened and monitored over time, problem areas identified, lesson plans complemented, and collaboration between students and peers fostered, improved teacher instruction, and increased student learning while parents receive summaries of each lesson. We are targeting minority customers whose inclusion and performance in STEM-related fields have experienced unproductive trends in that industry. To support them, we offer cost-effective segments that produce quantitative and qualitative results right at their fingertips.

We are attracting exceptional teachers from the United States and other countries that will help develop unique STEM content for all students, especially minorities. The teachers will benefit from our programs in receiving (royalties), PD training, inexpensive or freemium opportunities. They will help influence other qualified teachers to validate their products and services, especially for at-risk students, usually in Title I schools. We realized that it is critical to partner with teachers and parents about our techniques and methodologies to help bridge the gaps with at-risk youth. By offering this value proposition tool to parents and teachers, we’re ensuring there is a clear message of the intellectual and financial benefits that SOS provides
Another important aspect of iEDAPTS educational tool is the arts. Research from Mississippi State University indicates, “effective classroom arts integration can reduce or eliminate educational achievement gaps for economically disadvantaged students” (ScienceDaily, 2013, October 22). Based on that information, iEDAPTS intends to offer a unique learning tool called “Saving Our Students” (SOS). SOS will use a child’s individual intellectual strengths to improve their abilities in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math areas.