iEdapts is taking a culturally responsive teaching approach to engagement, collaborative support, and teaching STEAM using a Saving Our Students (SOS) Dashboard tool to provide interactive and resourceful real-time data analysis for parents.

Teachers Cultural Engagement

We help teachers embark on creating new ideas
Our educators came together and decided to create a tool to provide better communication between teachers and parents. The Saving Our Students (SOS) app combines state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms with an evolutionary psychological approach to create an individualized student attention plan with real-time feedback and corrective actions. The STEAM content tool offers Culturally Responsive Teaching for students’ unique learning styles or needs through concepts and methodologies that are just right for them.

Learning Styles

Differentiated learning styles embedded in narratives:


Verbal Learners

Visual Learners


Mulitmedia Presentations

Musical Learners

Students will receive educational support based on their individual needs. All instructional materials and curricula will follow the Common Core Standards of Study, Next Generation Science Standards, and State Science Standards for their appropriate grade level and abilities. Students will receive daily reading and writing skills to help facilitate understanding, and comprehension of verbally represented text material and the materials used will complement as well as supplement your school’s curricula and resources.

Culturally Responsive Teaching

Our Culturally responsive teaching (CRT) will include collecting qualitative data from random students to determine the impact of using this pedagogy and software conceptual long and short-term understanding of STEAM subjects. Student data will be utilized to test hypotheses, provide evidence of learning, and inform instructors of gaps.

Our Goals and Objectives

We plan to make science comprehensible, fun, and enjoyable. 
We will gauge their understanding of what has been taught in the classroom and through real-life experience. It is the intent of the STEAM program to instill in our students the knowledge to comprehend subjects on their appropriate grade level and have an analytical and scientific approach to STEAM that they are comfortable with expressing. We plan to make STEAM comprehensible, fun, and enjoyable.