“Assessment procedures to gauge student learning should be as varied as teaching strategies used to teach them.”


The Saving Our Students (SOS) AI-GAP assessment e-learning platform will solve these market challenges through a novel AI engine that rapidly scales accessibility to democratize language arts and math education. The web-based system will integrate students, parents, and teachers to engage all stakeholders fully.

Students will use the platform to navigate a fun, convenient math curriculum personalized to their learning style and content delivery preferences.

The software uses narratives, storytelling, and discussions for verbal learners, graphics and games for visual learners, and multimedia presentations for musical learners to accommodate different learning styles.

SOS allows for customization, so students can build confidence in their knowledge and ability to work at their own speed in a comfortable, stress-free way.

  • Teachers and parents can use the platform to track student progress and understand learning styles.
  • Engaging students will work through progressively challenging interactive lessons, language arts, and math comprehension skills.
  • Delivered using culturally relevant topics to improve engagement and achievement rates.
  •  Increasingly comprehensive engaging immersive lessons to enhance participation and achievement rates.
  • Furthermore, machine learning will recognize when methodologies are biased against underserved students and reframe content and delivery.

We are taking on this project to address a gap in the development and viable information that parents, especially single mothers, receive to enhance their child’s educational standards to compete in the world when they come of age. We will seek to give needed exposure to grandparents as well in helping to provide useful skills while grandchildren are in their care to learn. We plan to address target areas of needs from the growing number of independent women, from the young, newly skilled, and unskilled to retired or widowed, single dads and baby boomers.