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iEDAPTS (Educating and Promoting Teaching Strategies)

Our company represents teachers that are looking to provide certified content and quality resources for parents of struggling students to keep them on or above grade level. The educational platform began as the reading, arithmetic, and writing (RAW) after-school program pioneered by teachers at Title I schools and our behavioral health team.


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"iEdapts, I feel, is among the new, fun, and innovative ways to use 21st-century digital learning to impact student achievement in the areas of S.T.E.A.M. It uses interactive tools and entertainment that provide a "hook" that motivates students to watch and exploring learning a way in which they can find relevance.”

Steph Thomas

Be a part of something big as we collaborate with the nation’s top teachers, school administrators, educators, and professors to help develop modern educational solutions for today’s youth!

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As part of an after-school program, teachers and the iEdapts behavioral health team pioneered the development of a powerful educational platform. With a goal of reaching students in the fifth to eight grades who are disengaged or at risk in areas of emotional learning, we have the objective of delivering highly engaging, culturally sensitive content to reinforce areas of weakness within the current curriculum. It is also iEdapts objective to deliver our rich media content along with assessments, lesson plans, worksheets, progress tracking, and performance metrics. By engaging students who might be the most difficult to reach and empowering the teachers and parents educating them, we can potentially have a powerful and lasting positive impact.

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“I recommend and support iEDAPTS with its unique and innovative approach to individualized education. iEDAPTS provides the unique intersection of differential teaching and learning styles. I reviewed iEDAPTS and immediately recognized and felt the power of its integration of music, games and videos. This dynamic and innovative approach offers children, teachers, and parents an opportunity to interact around learning.”
Arthur Griffin
“iEDAPTS represents music content and STEAM learning application; thus, incorporating the technology into our TurntableLabTM will be mutually beneficial. As a multisided platform, our success is directly linked to continued content development. By partnering with iEDAPTS, our company, ThinkLive! Inc, will be able to provide more innovative content for our TurntableLabTM customers. Of course, at the same time, the collaborative opportunity provides iEDAPTS an additional customer entrance point, market intelligence—including needs/pains—as well as an educational platform partner.”
Charles Spencer
“I understand the importance of the relationship between humanity and nature for many years. Allowing iEDAPTs to bring their vision to masses; by providing teachers a resource for developing an engaging solution that includes nature and music in its purest form to students. Especially, during these times as we start to understand nature place in the world. I’ve authored “Why Birds Sing” on making music with birds, also published in England, Italy, Spain, Taiwan, China, Korea, and Germany. This application concept will open the eyes of student everywhere the importance of music and nature.”
David Rothenberg


Engaging and entertaining content to address areas that are lacking in the current curriculum with regards to social and emotional learning.

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