Science and Technology

Students will receive educational support based on their individual needs. All instructional materials and curricula will follow the Common Core Standards of Study, Next Generation Science Standards and State Science Standards for their appropriate grade level and abilities. Students will receive daily reading and writing skills to further facilitate understanding and comprehension of verbally represented text material, and the materials used will complement as well as supplement your school’s curricula and resources. All content outline material aligns with the most heavily weighted state objectives for each grade level.  We will gauge their understanding of what has been taught in the classroom and through real-life experience. It is the intent of the science program to instil in our students the knowledge to comprehend science on their appropriate grade level and have an analytical and scientific approach to science that they’re comfortable with expressing. We plan to make science comprehensible, fun and enjoyable. 

      Technology Mentors

Now, children are learning at a much younger age. Introducing technology at an early age has opened up a new and intriguing world to them.  We will take those who are eager to learn the latest computer coding by introducing games and tools that will only enhance their skills and knowledge.  To compete in this global world, it will be important to start your child down the path of technology.