Music and Art

The love of music thrives upon the idea that all children should have the opportunity to learn about and perform music. Therefore, we can provide customized private instrumental instruction and group music classes to those families and students seeking musical and educational enrichment opportunities. 

Our approach emphasizes:

·         Musical education with cross-curricular learning in math, science, history and language. We will find creative avenues to accelerate a greater understanding of written music and theory.

·         Children will gain appreciation of cultures and communities by exploring the influences that have contributed to popular music. 

·         Application of sounds and rhythms to enhance a student's communication skills and creativity.  Also, we will explore song writing as a form of expression and to promote focused use of imagination. 

·         Improving children's instrumental and voice performance skills through customized and enjoyable methods.

We will work with you and your child via live webinars, lecture halls and one-on-one instruction to create individualized lessons and courses based on their particular interests and strengths and your educational goals for them. We will provide comprehensive feedback to correct, challenge and support the efforts given.  This online site will cover a wide range of all types of musical instruments. 

Art Techniques

“The painter's mind is a copy of the divine mind, since it operates freely in creating the many kinds of animals, plants, fruits, landscapes, countryside, ruins and awe-inspiring places.”

Leonardo da Vinci



You will learn the structure of drawing, painting and what it takes to become an illustrator.