Your child will now have the opportunity to watch videos in different core math subject matters. It's YouTube for education.
The math aspects of iEdapts will aid the students with their everyday assignments that are given by their teachers at school. We will also help them prepare for the End of Course (EOCs) and End of Grade (EOGs) testing. Students will receive educational support based on their individual needs. 
Program Objective

All instructional materials and curricula will follow the Common Core Standards Course of Study for their appropriate grade level and abilities. Students will receive daily reading skills to further facilitate understanding and comprehension of verbally represented text material, and the materials used will complement as well as supplement their schools’ curricula and resources. All content outline material aligns with the most heavily weighted state objectives for each grade level. 

We will gauge their understanding of what has been taught in the classroom and through real-life experience. It is the intent of the iEdapts math program to instill in our students the knowledge to comprehend math on their appropriate grade level and have an analytical approach to math that they’re comfortable with expressing. We plan to make iEdapts math comprehensible, fun and enjoyable.

The mathematic section of the iEdapts program is designed to provide added educational support in addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, algebra, geometry and more for our students. Also, it is designed to foster and cultivate the needed mathematical competencies on the local and state levels that will enhance self-confidence and study skills for each individual’s academic success.

The instructors, teacher assistants and student forums interact with content, assessments, tools and games put this online site in a category of its own.  Math will never be looked at the same way now that you have others who can help you at iEdapts.