Language Arts

Language arts and math are part of the common core requirements for school districts across the country.  The importance of reading, comprehension and writing is so important to early childhood education and development.  This is especially true of children of color who tend to struggle early and often in this area. According to the Casey Foundation report, “by the time children are 8 years old, especially those living in low-income families, many have not met the developmental ‘milestones’ they need for future success. To reach these milestones, children need to be physically healthy, socially and emotionally on track and exposed to language as often as possible, research shows.”  By the time those children reach the 3rd grade, it is almost impossible for them to catch up.  That is why iEdapts (Educating and Promoting Teaching Strategies) is working to have all hands on deck, offering new and creative interventions.

Presently, there is no alternative to the ineffective process of manually gathering methods and viewing them. With so many information sources and no way to validate which sources are the best and most accurate, this old process is extremely ineffective. The language model will teach and promote self-sufficiency through literacy, reading comprehension and cognitive skills.  We are striving to create an intuitive research modeling platform that will take the guesswork out of knowing if your child is on grade level. We envision a place where you can make a request for information on a service, product or topic; then, you'll receive a true, accurate analysis of the information or methods, performed by an experienced educator who can draw upon expertise and personal experience.
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