Grandparents Community

This group is the backbone of our homes and communities. They are the ones that help establish beliefs and systems where “we the people,” including children and grandchildren, can succeed with hard work and dedication if we only put our minds to it. 

With so many people struggling, absent parents or those just unable to raise their child in a safe and secure environment, childrearing often becomes the grandparent’s responsibility.  This offers great rewards and surprises for aging seniors, but educating their grandchild has become one of the most challenging tasks along with keeping the family together.

That is why iEdapts has dedicated a section just for assisting grandparents with their grandchildren.  In this new millennium, it has become even more important to have grandparents involved, especially for a single mom needing help or dual parents who both work and need support to try and maintain a stable family environment.  This is now more evident in the field of education where grandparents represent two-thirds of the individuals helping to raise their children’s children.

This site will help remove that struggle for them in trying to keep up with all the new methods and technique changes that are happening in education.  We will be their new support system, whether it is in home schooling, after school and/or homework.  iEdapts will even have professionals available to help address social issues that may arise or cause concern by offering self-help suggestions to monitor their development.  Let us be the first place you “search it, view it, do it” in information support.  iEdaptsEducating and Promoting Teaching Strategies