Foreign Language Made Simple

We will help your children with our teacher’s encouragement to experiment, explore, create and think for themselves.  With us, your children will be taught to familiarize themselves with different foreign language concepts, terminologies and cultural nuances. Teacher will offer individualized instruction to each student that needs specialized assistance in the trouble subjects through our online tutoring.  Ensuring students work on their grade levels and at their fullest potential. 

Me and my BFF! 

We will publish curriculum guidelines, which includes a description of academic standards.  We believe that the ideal environment for online education is one in which the students feels independent, creative, safe and socially accepted.  Our education online social forums will be supervised by teachers and professionals.  It will be a place where supervised students interaction with their peers and older counterparts will increase their educational maturity.  Unlike others, we understand the importance of early learning in a foreign language that is the bases to exploring new worlds and cultures. 

It's never too early to be bilingual

We will concentrate on prekindergarten through grade 8 in preparation for a successful experience in secondary school and beyond to meet the expectations of every student, parent, grandparent and caregivers. With foreign language a subjects that can be quite difficult to understand, expect the best from your child by having the option to select the most suitable instructor for them.  With iEdapts, you don’t have to worry on how to educate your children; that issue will belong to the many qualified professors, teachers and professionals throughout our service.