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called  iEDAPTS

That stands for "Educating and Promoting Teaching Strategies". 

About Us

iEDAPTS (Educating and Promoting Teaching Strategies) has built its profile as the top academic player with its remarkable educational platform. The education platform was started in 2010 as a reading, arithmetic and writing (RAW) after-school program. It was pioneered by a couple of teachers from one of the top-rate schools in the city.

The main objective of this program was to advance Pre-K through 8th grade students’ academic progress. The RAW program basically involved the provision of instructions and helpful approaches to enable students attain better grades by changing their study habits.

This exceptional educational program worked in cooperation with the parents and teachers at low-performing schools to ensure that same message of consistency was communicated across the board. With a special emphasis on the children who were on IEP plans and had behavior issues, we provided the best therapists and qualified student mentors who were able to address the children’s educational concerns at a personal level, communicating with them in a language that they understand and at their level.  This program created a chance for children to interact and play, fostering good parental relationships that enhanced overall performance of the students at school every subsequent semester.
Team Support

We are a group of intelligent women with creative minds from various nationalities and technological backgrounds with a combined experience over 150 years in education, psychology, computer science, data analysis, network security, marketing and logistics, envision iEDAPTS. We changed of perception and geared our ideas towards a lively project of creating an social educational website that was interactive and incorporated videos with the latest technology available. 

We are developing this online global community of both qualified and certified teachers that will change the way your child thinks and express themselves.  iEdapts goal is to help teachers that are being underpaid for their profession to be compensated for their exceptional methods while expanding your child’s imagination again.   

iEDAPTS (Educating and Promoting Teaching Strategies) has now become our call to action of giving back. 

Methods From The Best Teachers In The World!!
The teachers of iEDAPTS and a few students started gathering analytical data from an array of servers, including universities, researchers, top women's blogs, articles and stories from incidents that women have experienced. This information started forming the concept and basis of our website. We embrace the imperative concept that one shoe does not fit all!
This part of our site will be to keep you informed about community events and special topics. iEdapts understands the importance of quality research and how having the right information makes the difference. Our goal is to share vital information with our members. 

We have been honored to have Mr. Suli Breaks to give us his spoken words to our listeners.  Let your mind be open to what life has to offer.