Pre-K to 2nd Grade
3rd Grade to 5th Grade
6th Grade to 8th Grade
Our Mission
We develop creative solutions, simple modified methods and learning tools that adapt to your child educational needs. 
Our Vision 

iEdapts vision is to provide an educational resource that both the parent and the child can utilize. Our modern day delivery of music and content will help your child to learn, maintain their thoughts and thrive within the 21st Century 

We will assess and identify opportunities for improvement and offers specific lesson plans to enhance understanding; while using data driven instruction, blended learning, traditional, common core and other approved content with music and videos as a catalyst.

It’s Just That Simple!

We strive to provide an online community built around the development and enhancement of student learning. iEdapts will foster a proactive environment of professionals geared toward the common goal of educating children of various learning styles. 

The iEdapts (Educating and Promoting Teaching Strategies) program was developed and designed to incorporate creative teaching methods, educational materials, ideas, projects lesson plans, curricula and forums to young children as well as to their parents by certified educators. 

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